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PostSubject: COD4   Wed Mar 05, 2008 5:51 pm

hi all.......just wanne tell you that we (a couple of old TBA snipers) have set up a sniper server for COD4.

its called {PP} punk posse sniper server with IP...

i hope the ones that have the game will visit us.....its a great server with rotation maps.

take a look at our web site...


if you have a quistion...ask them there.


p.s....thanks to =S|G= for letting me do that post here
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PostSubject: Re: COD4   Wed Mar 05, 2008 8:29 pm

Thanks =S|G= for this little advert tbup

We are very new to this game and learning all the time and if anyone has ideas on how to improve the game we are very happy to hear from you at our forum. We are trying to be a little different than most CoD4 sniper servers and allow running/dancing. We all come from MoH and have loved that style for years and if we can incorporate some of that feel into our new server then we will try.

The Punk Posee is not a clan but just a small group of similar minded gamers that wanted to keep in-touch after TBA ended. We would love to see =S|G= members and friends visit coz we know they understand how gaming is meant to be......fun.

Thanks again for this space.

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