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 Little question

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PostSubject: Little question   Thu Jan 22, 2009 7:34 am

Yesterday I invested some time in trying to run mohaa on linux and I succeeded. I've could have done it earlier if I had tried more...
But I just had one little problem: whatever I did, I couldn't get the console working. I bound other keys to it, but still not working. Not in mohaa, not in spearhead, not in breakthrough. Then I tried to start mohaa with the "+set developer 1" parameter. I don't know exactly what that parameter does, but I thought that you needed the console to be a developer Very Happy And yes, mohaa opened with console and I could open and close it. Then I tried spearhead again (without the parameter) and it also works. So I guess that parameter thing is saved somewhere, but I don't know where. Does someone know where? And what does that parameter really do? I hope our scanners don't ban me for it Shocked

When I have some time, I'll make a guide to make it work on linux (quite easy) and then some others can try it too.

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Little question
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